10 Ways To Naturally Beautify Your Eyes

Ten ways to naturally make your eyes beautiful
10 ways to naturally beautify your eyes

Our eyes say a lot about us. It tells our age, stress level and how much we take care of ourselves. We should learn to beautify our eyes and take care of them. 

Beautifying your eyes will help you have control over how you want to look. You can naturally make your eyes brighter, younger, more beautiful, and remove dark patches around them.

Many people do not really consider beautifying their eyes until they start ageing, and having wrinkles around their eyes. If you start early in beautifying your eyes, you’ll be able to naturally avoid that tired look that comes with age.

We will be talking about natural ways you can beautify your eyes. 

Benefits of Natural Eye Beautification

No risk of skin irritation

No synthetics. And therefore, no chemical reaction with the skin

Enriches the skin with the right natural minerals

Gives the skin enough room for natural adjustments

You should try any of the following below:

1. Use Vitamin Paste

If you want to remove dark patches around your eyes, then you should try using Vitamin Paste. This is Simply a mixture of cucumber, lemon juice, potato and turmeric powder. With some slices of cucumber and potato mixed in a blender, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a half teaspoon of turmeric powder added, you’ll have your vitamin paste. Apply the mixture around your eyes just about the dark circles and leave for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off with clean water. If you do this frequently, you’ll be able to eradicate those dark circles around your eyes.

2. Use Cucumber slices and paste

To remove dryness around the eyes, you can place thinly sliced cucumber or cucumber paste on your closed eyes for about 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. This method can also help remove dark circles around the eyes when applied over time.

3. Chilled Tea bag therapy

This helps to stop swollen or puffy eyes. Sometimes, that puffiness around your eyes can give you a sickly look or may give the impression that you’re stressing out. To deal with this, place 2 used bags of either black or green tea in your refrigerator to cool for a while. Maybe, 30 minutes before placing both bags on your closed eyes for about 15 minutes while you stay in a lying position. This will relax the muscles around your eyes and remove that puffy look on your eyes.

4- Strawberry slices

If you want to make the skin around your eyes smooth and young looking, use the strawberry therapy at home. Simply refrigerate your strawberry for at least 30 minutes. Then, remove the outer part of the strawberry and cut into thin slices. Place a slice of the chilled strawberry on each of your closed eyes for about 20 minutes, while staying in a lying position. This removes wrinkles and improves the overall look of the skin around the eyes with the help of naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl acids present in the strawberry.

5. Cold Milk cleansing

To keep your eyes looking young and beautiful, you should do cold milk cleansing at least twice each week. Simply dip cotton wool in cold milk and rub against your closed eyes for up to 20 minutes. This will take away dark circles around your eyes, and tone your eyelid and other areas around the eye to normal, giving your eyes that young and glowing look.

6. Use Apple paste

This helps in the quick skin toning of your eye area. When crushed apple is rubbed against the skin around your eyes, vital nourishment is given to your eyes in the form of potassium, vitamins and tannic acid present in the apple. This is one of the best methods of removing unwanted coloration around the eyes, and you should try it too.

7. Almond oil and honey mixture

To give your eyes a beautiful new look, you can use the almond oil and honey mixture to clean areas around the eyes. It is advisable to apply this mixture at night before going to sleep if you want the best result.

8. Avocado paste

This does an excellent job in taking away the wrinkles under your eyes. Simply mash some avocado slices into a paste and apply around your eyes, keeping them close. Leave for up to 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

9. Use Egg white

Egg whites are very good for skin tightening. So, if you want to remove wrinkles from under your eyes, you can use them. Simply slice off some egg whites and place them under your eyes where you have wrinkles. Leave for some minutes until it starts sticking to, and pulling out the skin before you rinse off. Note that egg whites are skin tightening agents and should not be allowed on your skin for too long, as it can get your skin pulled too much and cause eye bags. This can prevent premature wrinkles and also eradicate loose skin around the eyes. Try this much often and enjoy the benefits.

10. Massage with coconut oil or warm olive oil

Massaging your eyelids and other areas around the eyes with coconut oil or warm olive oil can help improve the skin condition and beauty of the eyes by improving blood circulation and moisturizing the skin around the eyes.


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