11 Qualities Every Happy Relationship Should Have

Eleven qualities every truly happy relationship has in common
11 qualities every happy relationship should have

You and your partner got together because of the chemistry you both had and also a physical attraction. You're interested in someone with certain physical characteristics (tall, beautiful/handsome etc) or someone who doesn't have other characteristics that bother you.

But that's not all you need to spark and maintain a truly happy relationship. You've probably got a list of attributes you want in your partner. But what other qualities do you think your partner should have for you guys to be truly happy.

Below are 11 qualities you and your partner should have to be truly happy.

1. Friendship

You and your partner need to be very good friends and know each other well. You should be able to give each other the benefit of the doubt and also be fond of one another. If you have a strong friendship, you'll be more successful long-term. Making friendship a priority will help you weather any storm that comes your way.

2. Love 

Happy couples love, honour and cherish one another. Happily, married couples keep these vows and this is what keeps them happy and together over the long-term. To love’ means, you demonstrate your love. Love is a verb ? an action word. There is no other way to show your spouse you love them except through action. We love through physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and gifts. ‘To honour’ is to respect the one you love. You approach them in conversation in a way that shows you want the best for them and don't want to harm them. ‘To cherish’ means to show your Show much you value them. You treat them as the special person they are – your one and only.

3. Trust

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. It takes years to build and a second to break. But it’s more than just s3xual fidelity. A spouse is trusted with so much: fears, vulnerabilities, painful wounds from childhood. In a good marriage, a spouse discloses these innermost thoughts and trusts that it won’t be used against them in future arguments.

4. Compassion 

You have to be able to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Compassion toward your partner allows him or her to feel respected, appreciated and cared for and it fuels the connection, intimacy and partnership. Think of it as the essential food that every healthy relationship needs.

5. Compromise

So many couples believe that a lack of problems, or the ability to anticipate and avoid them, is a key to a happy relationship. But in my experience, it’s not so much about avoiding problems so much as it is about being able to solve them together. Problems are always going to happen, just as life does. Knowing you can face them together keeps a relationship strong and healthy.

6. Positivity

We all need to be praised and appreciated but we so often get the opposite ? criticism ? even from our partner. Positivity is needed in relationships, especially ones that have grown past the honeymoon stage. Whether it’s a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ or a specific compliment for something done, we all need to hear it. When we praise our partner we strengthen our connection, bond and love.

7. Intimacy 

Sexual and emotional intimacy is the bright shiny star of relationships. Intimacy is the difference between your relationship with your barista and your relationship with your spouse. You build intimacy over time. Intimacy is the feeling of belonging and being loved. It’s the feeling of being known and understood. It’s the feeling of being accepted and appreciated. If you have ever experienced or heard someone describe their relationship as hollow or empty, it’s probably because it’s lacking intimacy.

8. Mutual respect 

Life tends to throw some unexpected curveballs along the course of a relationship. The one quality that consistently helps couples through adversity or tragedy is mutual respect. Self-esteem is essential to feel secure and satisfied with yourself so it makes sense that a high esteem and respect for your partner is an essential ingredient in a lasting relationship, both in joyous and challenging times.

9. Presence 

Being present is more than just putting down your devices and paying attention ? it’s showing that you’re deeply interested in the inner life of your partner and want to make their world better in any way you can. Being present means freely giving your partner the gift of your full focus and being there for them in a way that’s deeper than just being physically present. It means seeing things from their point of view and not just your own.

10. Understanding 

There’s no problem you can’t resolve when you’re listening to each other and acting like a team. Create regular times during the week when you can talk uninterrupted and don’t let a week go by without a date night. Keep listening and understanding each other. Every ounce of listening effort will pay off tenfold.

11. A sense of humour 

The strongest couples I’ve met have the capacity to laugh at themselves. When a partner can laugh about their own messiness or their wish to have the table set in a certain way, they can communicate what they want without turning their partner into the enemy. Laughing at ourselves instead of judging makes the journey entertaining instead of a constant battle.

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