15 Things You Need To Get Rid Off In 2017

15 things you need to get rid of to lighten your load in 2017
15 things you need to get rid off in 2017

Last year, you probably were carrying a lot of baggage and didn't realise it. You were feeling heavy and drawn back and couldn't explain why. Well, it's time for clean up. It's ti,e to get rid of the baggage that will be holding you down this year. Below is a list of things you need to get rid of in 2017 to feel lighter.

1. Friends who don’t feed your soul

Walk into the New Year without the baggage that's holding you back. Do some soul searching about the people who you really really need in your life. If it's not someone who can help better you and vice versa, it's time to let them go.

2. The toxic man in your life

Welcome, the right kind of love into your life in 2017. If you're still holding on to a guy you know isn't right, walk away...for good!

3. Toys your kids no longer use

If you're tired of tripping over old toys your children haven't touched in a month, it's time to let it go. Donate the unused items and make another little child very happy in 2017.

4. Junk food

While "weight loss" is a resolution for many different people, it could be your goal to be healthier and happier with your body this year. With that, you'll be sure there'll be weight loss. Focussing on yourself and eating right will make you happier, and being happy should be the goal this year.

5. Low Self-Esteem

You should stop feeling insecure and self-conscious all the time no matter what you are wearing, who you are with or where you go. You should focus on building your confidence, so you can live happier and more comfortable.

6. Items that no longer match your decor

If the throw pillows you have, the paint on the wall and things like that no longer match your decor, its time to change it or get rid of it.

7. Closet items you haven't touched in years

If you haven't worn that dressed, rocked those heels or carried that handbag in more than just a few months, it's time to donate, donate, donate!

8. Clean out spam mail that’s piled up

If you happen to be someone like me who had over a thousand spam mail at the end of last year, then its time to get rid of them. Say "buh-bye" to all the clutter in your inbox! You don't need those pesky little emails anyway.

9. Laziness

Nothing you want to accomplish this year will be done if you are going to be lazy about it. You should not sit around doing nothing, you should get out there and achieve your goals.

10. Old magazines and mail

You should not be surrounded by magazines, letters or papers that old. Some of us till have newspapers and magazines published years ago on our desk.Your old mail and magazines are caving in around you. This is the time to get rid of them.

11. Old nail polish

A lot of women have this bad habit of keeping old nail polish. When your nail polish starts to thicken or separate, it's time to part ways with even your favourite polish colour. We know it's tough but your next mani will thank you!

12. Old sheets and towels

If you aren't tempted to smell the fresh laundry, let it go. Throw out all the old sheets and towels that are taking up space in your linen closet and you feel happier (and cleaner) in an instant!

13. Old headphones

If you have to wiggle the cord to make sure you can hear your music out of both headphones, it's time to say goodbye.

14. Hate

If you start to feel hate or anger towards someone this year, you are going to let it get the best of you this year. Life is short and you don't want to spend time hating someone Instead, you should try to forgive them and forget about them.

15. Procrastination

All procrastination does is stress you out. You should set out to do thing ahead of time so you can relax afterwards and not worry about it. This will also not allow you rush your work.


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