3 Everyday Habits That Are Causing Your Hair To Thin

Three surprising everyday habits that are making your hair thin out
3 everyday habits that are causing your hair to thin

Thinning hair is not a male-specific problem. A lot of women experience hair fall-out due to genetics, environmental factors, and even the way in which they style their hair. So you're not alone! We brainstormed the most common things we do every day that leads to breakage, and a ton of easy alternatives for each one. Consider your bad habits officially broken.

You Always Part Your Hair In the Same Place

This will cause hair loss or weakness at the part line, or even recession. Our hairline can be a very weak area, so repetitive stresses like constant brushing or even running fingers through the hair in the same place can be detrimental. we suggest you begin to wear your hair parted one way, until that first 'bad hair day.' When it's greasy, limp, or you're just not feeling it—flip your part and add a Thickening & Plumping Spray to your normal hair care routine. You will find a whole new world of volume and body, and won't get as much breakage or fall out. Say goodbye to pesky fly-aways!

You Wear Your Hair In a Ponytail all the time 

Yes, ponytails are quick and easy, but can often cause more harm than good. Take a few more seconds to put your hair into a loose braid and tie off at the end, rather than wearing a super-tight pony. The loose style and soft, stretchy elastic will significantly reduce pulling at the hair follicle, which causes unnecessary hair loss.

You Hold the Blow Dryer Too Close to the Brush When Blow-Drying Your Hair

Always keep your hairdryer an inch or two away from your hair and the brush. The tension, along with heat from the dryer, causes weak hairs to break and fall out. Begin blow-drying your hair using your fingers, and direct the air flow from your scalp out through your ends until it's about 80 percent dry. Then, you can bring styling brushes into play, but be sure to the dryer far enough away to prevent damage. Additionally, it's important to apply a protectant spray beforehand and strengthen your hair over time.

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