3 Ways To Get Your Closet Organised

Three tips on how to get your closet organised once and for all
3 ways to get your closet organised

Editing your closet can be quite daunting in theory, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming task. By following these three simple, non-intimidating steps, you can lighten the load in your closet and your life in just a few hours (and make choosing outfits infinitely easier). In the words of Amelia Earhart, “The most effective way to do it is to do it.” Can't argue with that! So go—be bold, get in your closet, and learn this tips below

1. Make The Time

We can never fully achieve an organised closet or an organised state of mind without first setting aside the time to do the damn thing! It doesn’t need to take all year or eat up your entire weekend. Simply set aside a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and commit to taking a good hard look at what you have in your closet.

2. Don't Rush The Process

Bring every piece of clothing you find to the same place, and spread them out on the floor. Then pick up each outfit and see if it sparks joy. Take it all out! Yes, even your pyjamas, bras, socks, and those clothes you haven’t worn in years. Next, I suggest you separate every item into piles placing like with like. For example, place all your T-shirts in one big pile, and then sort them by style (regular tees, graphic, sleeveless, etc.) and finally by colour. By seeing all of your clothing in one place, it will be clear which items do not spark joy. 

Once you have weeded out the items that simply aren’t working, you will have gained a lot more real estate after returning items to the closet and drawers. Allow the empty space to just be, and allow your clothes to breathe. Empty space is not only pleasing to the eye; empty space means you have room for new pieces!

3. Maintain Your Clean Wardrobe

Once you have done your editing, tidying, and beautifying, now you have to nurture your space. No one goes to the gym one time and creates their ideal body. It’s something you do daily. Set an appointment in your calendar every day or every week to take care of your refreshed space just like you would for a workout or hair appointment. I recommend a few minutes before bed so that you wake up to a clean and serene space AND a few minutes before you walk out of the house in the morning. Waking up to a Zen-like closet makes getting dressed pleasant and sets the tone for the rest of your day!

Create the habit of putting things back where they belong and editing every two to three months is a must. Using the “one in, one out” rule can help stop anxiety and overcrowding well before it becomes an issue. Meaning every time a new item comes into your closet, an old one gets the boot.


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