5 Countries To Travel To in 2017

Five countries worth exploring in 2017
5 countries to travel to in 2017

It's a new year, which means new opportunities to try new things which include exploring the world for another 12 months. It's funny how people who claim to love travelling just stick to the popular countries. The usual suspects in travel have been done to death and its time to switch it up. These five destinations are exciting, off-the-radar, luxurious and full of adventure and culture.  In short, they got next.

1. Laos

If you are looking for SEAside adventure then Laos is your go to place. Some people haven't even heard of the country, because when they think of Seaside adventure, countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam comes to mind. Covered in shades of green that cover everything from its thick jungles, glowing rice fields and tea leaf covered mountains, Laos retains a timeless South East Asian vibe that gives visitors a glimpse into a life commercialism has overcrowded in its more popular neighbours. The capital of Vientiane still boasts rural life, where stilt houses and paddy fields are common, and traditional Luang Prabang is home to the sight of hundreds of saffron-robed monks gliding through the streets. But don’t get it twisted, Laos has more than rice and temples. Travellers can explore underground river caves, soar through the trees via jungle zip lines or take a walk on the wild side and spot exotic animals such as gibbons or elephants. Foodies can indulge in Laos’ spicy culinary scene with a cooking class. You can also indulge yourself in a  tranquil and spiritual wellness retreat, or indulge in refined luxury at the area’s first five-star hotel.

2. Madagascar 

If you don't know, there is more to Africa than South Africa. If you are thinking of touring Africa, please include Madagascar to your travel list. n island off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is an adventure lover’s dream.  It's incredible and diverse landscape make it perfect for ATV riding, trekking, diving, mountain biking, kitesurfing, rock-climbing and more. With 5% of all known animal and plant species found here, and there alone, animal lovers can find delight in spotting lemurs, chameleons, oddly shaped insects, colourful frogs, stingrays and turtles, several species of sharks and even humpback whales

3. Nicaragua

Colombia is not the only Latin nation worth visiting. Nicaragua is a travel destination on the rise. The elegant and colourful streets of Granada, the country’s best-preserved colonial town, are mesmerising with architecture, lush courtyards and stately mansions perfect for taking Soul Society worthy pics. León offers a different experience with a vibrant city that, while proud of its heritage, is too busy to feel like a museum. But walking the streets isn’t the only way to experience the wonders of Nicaragua. Hike or sandboard cloud covered volcanoes, dive underwater caves or canoe alligator infested waters.  Explore the history of the country through cooking classes with locals or visit remote indigenous communities more than happy to share tales of their culture.

4. Borneo

This is a travel destination that has something for everyone. Borneo is a breathtaking mix of virgin rainforest, untouched beaches and mountain ranges, and shockingly remains an off-the-beaten-path adventure. Home to some of the world’s most species-rich equatorial rainforests, it’s not out of the ordinary to catch a glimpse of a wild orangutan swinging through the jungle, an Irrawaddy dolphin in the waters of the South China Sea, or hear the call of a gibbon.  Because Borneo is a hodgepodge of cultures, its cuisine is as amazing as its landscape. Delicious seafood from the South China Sea, smoky chicken satay at Malay night markets, yummy cooking from the Kelabit people – including Bario rice and pineapple curry – and Dayak dishes such as bamboo chicken and midin jungle fern, are sure to tantalise your palette. Idyllic, palm-fringed islands, such as Gaya Island, allow you to explore underwater life such as sea turtles and whale sharks, all from the comfort of the pristine 

5. Bermuda 

My favourite on the list is definitely Bermuda. Bermuda is paradise, period. Known for its pristine pink sand beaches, a pleasant climate that rarely sees extremes of either hot or cold, locals who feel more like family than strangers and quick accessibility from the East Coast, Bermuda is becoming the must-visit island escape.  But there’s more to Bermuda than romantic beaches. In spite of its tiny size, Bermuda has tonnes to offer – explore its neighbourhoods by Segway, take a jet ski safari to explore shipwrecks, discover underwater caves, museums and art galleries, eat like a local at Art Mels and explore your eclectic side. You will also enjoy hanging out with the locals and also have a  tranquil, sophisticated experience.

I hope you consider any of the five countries when planning your next travel destination. 

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