5 Easy Ways To Ease Period Cramps

Five easy and natural ways to you ease your period pains without using painkillers
5 easy ways to ease period cramps

I watched a friend of mine complain about having menstrual cramps the other day and I realised that, no matter how many periods we’ve endured and will endure in our lifetime, that side of menstruating will never be easy. Menstrual cramps are among some of the most common PMS miseries we go through  — along with fatigue, irritability, and swollen, tender breasts.

There are many different ways to treat PMS, and one of the first things we reach for is basic painkillers. H

Pre-medicating isn’t the only thing you can do to take care of yourself when you're PMSing, though.There are a lot of natural remedies that can either serve as the perfect supplement to ibuprofen or just function as your main PMS treatment.

Here are five little natural ways you can ease your menstrual cramps because we need all the help we can get.

1. Get out and do some sort of exercise

Exercise is known to help with menstrual cramps. It boosts the level of endorphins in your body,  which gives you a natural high, and stimulates circulation everywhere, including and especially your lower abdomen. It also just puts you in a better mood in general.

It doesn't mean u should run to the gym as soon as your cramps kick in (although, if that’s what you want to do, you do you!). We recommend keeping up a regular exercise schedule during the rest of the month so that working out when you’re PMSing will just happen naturally.

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2. Apply heat to your abdomen

This is something I learnt from my late grandmother. Using a heating pad or hot water bottle while you’re lounging around on the couch could significantly ease your menstrual cramps. Doctors also recommend it because it's soothing and it brings blood flow to the surface of your skin and also to your muscles. You can also take a warm bath or a hot shower where you can concentrate the warm water on your lower pelvis.

3. Get a massage with essential oils

The purpose of a massage is to relax your body, so it’s not crazy to think that a massage can also relax your lower abdomen and relieve the pain from menstrual cramps. Get a gentle massage from a masseuse you trust and ask them to use your favourite soothing essential oils, like lavender or mint. If you can, schedule a session in the latter part of the day so you can go straight home and climb into bed when you’re done being pampered.

4. Use a period tracker to anticipate when your period is coming

There are many different free period track apps available and we recommend you download one on your phone. Use a period tracker so you can anticipate when your pain is coming because nothing hurts more than unexpected pain. If you know when your period is coming you can take the necessary precautions, like exercise more often. When you’re well prepared for PMS it won’t affect you as harshly as it might if it hit you cold.

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5. Do a mindfulness or meditation practice

It may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of period pain remedies, but incorporating a meditation practice into your daily life can help you manage all kinds of physical ailments, including the ones that come from PMS. Being fully present allows you to check into your body and listen to what your true needs are, and the simple act of sitting and breathing will relax your entire body. A regular mindfulness practice can even balance your hormones in the long run, which can minimise your PMS symptoms.


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