5 Signs That He Does Not Like You

Key signs that shows he does not like you
5 signs that he does not like you
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There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who does not like you. It can be really frustrating having to wonder if a guy likes you or not. This feeling is not exclusive to women alone. Men also try to fixate on whether she is into them or not.

One of the most painful scenarios: you’re in a relationship and you’re worried he’s slipping away… and that he does not like you anymore.

It’s a fact that both men and women wonder whether the person they like feels the same way as them. It’s okay to be anxious or worried.

This article would help you find key Signs that he does not like you.

  1. He’s not around you

Girlfriend, if he wants you he would find reasons (even stupid reasons) to be around you. He wants to spend time around you, get closer to you. When a guy wants something he goes after it. He chases what he wants till he gets it.  

If the guy you like can’t make out time to be around you, he is not spending time with you, and making excuses to hang out with you… when is he going to have the opportunity to try to get closer to you?  Girlfriend, the long and short of it is that he does not like you. Move on.

  1. He barely listens when you talk and doesn’t remember what you said

People only remember what’s important to them. If he barely listens to you when you are talking to him or hardly remembers your conversation then you are not important enough to be remembered.  Our brain has limited space, so it filters information that it does not see as important. If he doesn’t remember what you said then your words have been filtered, just like every other unimportant part of the day then he doesnot like you.

  1. He flirts with you .......and flirts with everyone else

Don’t get it wrong, so what if he is flirting with you. If you are not the only one he is flirting with, then he is not into you. Don’t get him wrong, flirting is just a part of his person. He does not like you, he is just enjoys flirting with you and everyother person. Over look it and stop catching feelings were there is none.

  1. He doesn’t care about you being with other guys

A man likes to set his boundaries; he marks his territory and doesn’t welcome intruders. If you are catching feelings for someone who is unbothered about you being with other guys then, he probably isn’t into you. 

Let’s play pretend,

You:  I saw Alex yesterday

Does his ear perk, does his tone of voice change, and does he ask who Alex is. if he doesn't care then he doesnot like you. Guys are hardwired to pick up on competition. It’s what we’ve evolved to do.  That’s why if you can’t get a guy to care about something, the best way to get him hooked is to make it into a competition.

  1. He ignores you or shows disrespect.

Seriously ladies, a guy who is into you would respect your person. Some guys have personal issues to fix, don’t be caught up in his drama. Don’t give him room to disrespect you, don’t let him put down your values, thoughts, ideas. He should go fix his issues and stop diverting his aggressions towards you.

Still, if a guy regularly ignores you, disrespects you, or puts you down, you need to seriously consider moving on.

This is tricky, usually because when you’re on the receiving end, the painful parts feel bad… but the good times, by contrast, feel amazing.


Give a time space and time to show his feelings. Don’t imagine he has feelings for you. Let him show you that he likes you. If these key signs listed are obvious when it comes to the guy you like, then you had better give him a reason to chase you or accept that he doesnot like you.