6 Foods That Get Rid of Dark Circles

Six foods that can help you get rid of dark circles
6 foods that get rid of dark circles

Blame it on a lack of sleep. Or allergies. Or just plain old genetics. Whatever the reason for your darker-than-desired peepers, here are seven at-home remedies that can help brighten and tighten.

Cucumber Slices

Turns out this spa standby isn’t just for show. Cucumbers are high in water content (which hydrates your delicate under-eye skin) and vitamin K to help reduce any inflammation or discoloration. Slice them up thinly and chill them in the fridge before use.

Potato Slices

No fresh cukes around? Try potato slices instead. They actually have a leg up on cucumbers because they stay cooler longer, which helps with 

Avocado slices or mask

Fact: Dark circles are sometimes caused by (and are certainly exacerbated by) dry skin. To keep the delicate area hydrated, place a slice of avocado under each eye. Or for a more heavy-duty mask, mash it up with a tablespoon of almond oil and slather on liberally. Then let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing off.

Turmeric mask

Turmeric is a trendy spice because of all its uses. Turmeric’s active ingredient curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that reduces puffiness and lightens up shallow shadows. Mix up a thick paste with some pineapple juice (for more skin-brightening vitamin C) and apply it directly to your dark circles, being careful not to get too close to your peepers. After ten minutes, wipe away residue with a warm washcloth.

Tea bags

God bless caffeine. Not only does the stuff give you a much-needed morning boost, but it also shrinks blood vessels and lightens shadows when applied to your skin. After steeping yourself a cup (or five) of tea, remove the bags and let them cool in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. Then plop those babies on your lids.

Milk Soak

Perhaps the MVP of the bunch, milk contains lactic acid and a host of other skin-brightening, tightening and softening ingredients like protein, amino acids and antioxidants. Make a cold compress by soaking cotton balls in a cup of chilled milk. Place them under your eyes for ten minutes and rinse away any excess.


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