6 Reasons Why Too Much TV Is Bad For You

Six reasons why watching too much television is bad for your health
6 reasons why too much tv is bad for you

There was a time I was really obsessed with watching TV. When I was not in front of my TV screen, I was thinking of how I am going to get in front of a TV screen. It was soo bad I dreaded going to school.

As I got older, I became busier and had less time to grab a remote and watch TV. My busy schedule became a good thing for me because I learnt how to discipline myself, that even when I had nothing to do, I preferred to grab a book than watch TV. 

Several people all over the world have become addictive to watching the television. It is critical to sit back and look at the health effects of TV on your life.

You will discover that you need to minimise the number of hours you spend with your remote switching from one channel to another.

Here are some reasons why watching TV can be extremely bad for your health.

1. Risk being obese and diabetic

A close survey of individuals who spend a lot of time on TV showed that they eat a lot of junk food. You may find yourself taking in a lot of fat that is not good for your health.I noticed I consumed a lot of junk food when I was obsessed with my TV. I was just too lazy to get up and prepare a balanced meal, I preferred to sit in front of my screen. 

If you've noticed this about yourself, you'll also realise you won't even have time for workouts.It implies that you consume a lot of fatty foods and take no initiative to burn the excess. You will agree with me that TV lovers have a high exposure to obesity than other people.

A mix of junk foods with the lack of workouts increases your chances of becoming obese and diabetic. Some recent survey reveals that every four hours you spend on your TV increases your chances of getting diabetic by 3.4%.

2. It may be bad for baby-making
Although there’s evidence that watching TV, including in the bedroom, could increase amorousness, a Harvard study found that men who watched more than 20 hours of television per week had 44 percent fewer sperm than guys who didn’t watch TV.

Increased activity, by comparison, was associated with higher sperm counts. Previous research also associates prolonged TV viewing with increased risk of heart disease, which, for men, is also associated with higher rates of impotence.

3. It could damage your relationships
The more you believe in popular portrayals of romance on television, the less committed you may be to your real relationship, according to research published several years ago in the journal Mass Communication and Society. That ranges from unrealistic expectations of a spouse to seeing the “costs” of real relationships – such as the loss of time or freedom – as being higher, which could undermine what’s happening between the two of you in real life.

4. TV denies you sleep

As a human being, your body requires enough sleep and rest. Over-concentration on TV denies your body the chance to unwind by cutting into your precious sleep time. You may end up being fatigued and stressed for the better part of the day.

In fact, it’s advisable to move your TV from the bedroom. You also need to discipline yourself when it comes to sleep time. You can develop more heath complications from fatigue.

5. It can lead to increased aggression

Kids always internalise everything they see on video games and TV. There is a close link between aggression, use of violent media and desensitisation to violence. Exposure to violence affects children in different ways.

Children tend to accept violence as a result of pre-exposure through media. TV may make children grow as aggressive adults who are not good for the society.

6. TV can lead to depression

There is a lot of isolation and loneliness that comes with TV watching. Watching TV for a long time is harmful as it can lead to depression. Though there are sitcoms and different shows that can light up our mood, it’s different than what we generally think of.

Remember you will not have enough time to interact with people and share your issues out. It’s advisable to create time for friends if you want to eliminate some stresses in life.



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