6 Timeless Jewelry Pieces

Six timeless female jewellery pieces that won't go out of style
6 timeless jewelry pieces

Let's say you're getting dressed for the day and have no time or motivation to put together a perfectly styled outfit. Instead of begrudgingly searching for inspiration (for which there's definitely a time and a place), you turn to the jewellery box, the contents of which can instantly elevate the simplest of ensembles. That’s why it's crucial to stock your collection with the following six pieces that will never go out of style.


Talk about utilitarian. Simple post earrings (be they real diamonds or faux) are our daily go-to, and they can easily be yours, if they’re not already. Elegant and subtle, these little guys go with everything and are a total no-brainer when you want to spice up your look without putting much thought into styling.


Dainty gold and silver bands are having quite the moment right now, but you shouldn’t fear them as a fad. Only how we all stack them might become dated but not the chic, minimalist rings themselves.


There’s a time and a place for tiny studs, but sometimes you need a pair of in-your-face earrings that make a major statement. The best part is, you can rock these with that LBD you’ve worn 36 times and everyone will be too busy complimenting your jewelry to notice the dress repeat. Just keep your earrings in the diamond or crystal colorway so they have lasting power for years.


Say you’re wearing a simple black sweater and jeans or a plain sheath. The moment you slip on a gold chain? Next level. The length is important here: Too choker-y and you’ll look like an Instagram-famous teenager; too long and you’ll like Mr. T. Try for something in the middle. Oh, and keep the rest of your look minimal--this necklace should be the loudest thing you’re wearing.


As fashionable as it is functional, a sophisticated leather-banded watch says you mean business. Look for a size somewhere between oversized and dainty that's slightly androgynous (read: could've been passed down from your grandfather--or borrowed from your husband). 


This one’s a splurge, but it’s worth it. A timeless classic like a Cartier Love bracelet or Hermès cuff will set you back a pretty penny, but it’ll be something you'll wear day in and day out. Not to mention the compliments it’ll rake in.


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