6 Times You Should Not Wear Makeup

Six times you should not apply makeup on your face
6 times you should not wear makeup

Makeup is a fun, gorgeous way to be creative with your own looks. It’s not always about looking *flawless,* it can also be about expressing yourself. But despite all of the good things about it, there are still sometimes you should never wear any makeup at all.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a full face of makeup everywhere if that’s your *thing* but sometimes your skin needs a break! Carry around makeup-removing wipes if you really want to, but you should skip the beauty routine when you’re doing or going to the seven below examples. When your getting ready time is cut in half, or you go a few days without a breakout or anything, you’ll thank me! After all, I’m just trying to help you avoid an embarrassing situation or a trip to the dermatologist. Here are six times you should never wear makeup for legit reasons: 

When You're Exercising

It's not that wearing makeup to the gym is stupid - it's about taking care of your skin. Sweat is going to turn your look into a rainbow waterfall of bronzer and eyeshadow. Aside from that, we all know that makeup clogs your pores, and your pores really need to breathe while you're working out. Trapping in all that sweat with some serious cake is going to wreak havoc on your skin on the long term. Not to mention, your makeup is probably going to get all over what equipment you're using (gross) and eye irritation might make it difficult to see. I know plenty of girls who defend wearing makeup to the gym, but you're seriously better off without it.

While You're Sleeping

Your skin needs a chance to breathe, and that time should be when you're sleeping. Those hours of sleep are doing more than just giving you energy - they're helping your skin get some rest. Aside from the fact that sleeping in your makeup clogs your pores and doesn't let your skin breathe, it also gets all over your pillows and blankets, meaning even when you do wash your face, there's still icky residue laying around. Do yourself a favour and wash it off before bed.

When You're Swimming

 No matter your good intentions at the beach or at the pool, if you're near water, you're going to get some on your face, whether it's on purpose or by accident. Even waterproof makeup could cause some serious burning and irritation when mixed with salt water or pool chemicals. Ouch. Rock some tinted moisturiser that's intended for active use if you absolutely need to, but other than that, skip it

When You Have An Awful Breakout

It's fine to cover up breakouts when you're going out and want to hide a giant pimple. But as soon as you get home, take it off. Instead of covering it up with makeup - which isn't going to make it go away - clean it, then apply a spot treatment.

When You're Late To Something Important

Listen, I know the importance of makeup to some people, but when you're running late to something important, skip it. The nice thing about makeup is that you can throw it in your bag and apply at another time, even if it's a shorter version of your normal routine. If you're running to the airport to catch a flight no one is going to be judging you for being not done up.

When You Aren't Leaving The House

You know those lazy Sundays when you just want to chill by yourself? Give your skin a break and don't put on makeup. It saves your products from running out too soon, and it gives your skin a much-needed rest.


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