6 Ways To Build A Connection In A New Relationship

How to build a connection with someone new
6 ways to build a connection in a new relationship

One thing about the holidays is getting to spend time with family and friends. You catch up with old friends and probably meet someone new. Getting to know someone for the first time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Whether it's someone you met on your own, or someone your best friend set you up with, figuring out a new person can be tricky — but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of simple things you can do to help build a strong connection with someone new, from asking them about their likes and dislikes to doing a fun activity together.

Talking with a new friend/potential partner is great, here are things you can do to build a connection with someone new:

1. Take time to have a conversation

Going to the movies is a classic date move, but it doesn't give you a lot of opportunity to get to know your date. "If you’re going to a movie make sure you have an equal amount of time outside of the theatre, whether it’s over dinner, coffee or a long walk home together, so you can figure out if you have a connection.

2. Ask open questions

Asking questions that start with "how" or "what" can get conversations flowing. Asking someone what their favourite book is or how they got into their career can lead to interesting answers that will help you form a bond with this new person. Another approach is to say ‘tell me more’ which provides the person with the space to expand upon what they are talking about.

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3. Try being non-judgemental 

You have to be open-minded when you meet someone new. It's the key to building a connection with a new partner. Listen to them in an open and non-judging way. You don't have to agree o the other person perspective, just be open to understanding it so we better understand and appreciate them.

4. Do an activity together 

Doing any activity with someone new is a great way to build a connection with them. When you are doing an activity-based event, your brain is firing neurones during the shared activity and taking in the uniqueness of the experience.

5. Go to a busy place 

It might be tempting to get some alone time with the new person you're seeing, but being completely isolated from other people might put too much pressure on you and your date. "Go to a busy place so you will have things to talk about and it can break the ice.

6. Be positive

Being excited about the prospect of meeting someone new, will lend itself to building a connection with someone new. Smile and be grateful for the opportunity for true love. Don't sweat the small stuff. They are as nervous as you, so let go and be kind and leave critical energy at home.

Dating can be frustrating, stressful, and exhausting, but try going in with a positive attitude — you may be surprised at how much your perspective can change.


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