6 Ways To Reduce Stress

Six daily habits to help you reduce stress
6 ways to reduce stress

We all go through stress daily and it, not only affects our appearance but also our health and outlook of life. Stress cannot be avoided, but we can reduce the amount of stress we go through daily. Here are a couple of daily habits you need to adopt that'll help you minimise potential headaches so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Meditate in the morning

Start your day off by meditating, which will clear your mind and mentally prepare you for what's ahead.  In addition to reducing stress levels, beginning your day with a meditation session is proven to boost energy levels and help you think more positively. If you're new to meditating, there are several guided apps that make meditation easy, accessible and enjoyable. 

Set an intention in the morning 

Keep your day's intention fresh in your mind. This allows you to remember your deeper aspirations so you can keep yourself on track to achieve your goals. This deliberateness will help you steer your life and get you where you want to go, ignoring (or not focusing as much on) the little bumps and hiccups you experience on the way.

Check in, in the afternoon

Find a time to check in with yourself. Are your mind and body in alignment? Are you focusing on what you need to do to complete your day's intention? Or are you being sidetracked by various obstacles and distractions? Take a step back and remember your strengths and what you need to do in order to accomplish the day’s intention. I recommend finding a predetermined time to do this, such as when you first sit down at your desk, during your lunch break, before a client call etc. 

Take a break in the afternoon

If you're feeling overwhelmed or even unproductive, go outside for a walk and get some fresh air. Breaks improve your mental health and stress levels, and when you get back to your desk you'll be refreshed, energised and ready to tackle what's ahead.

Get sleep at night 

Get a good night's sleep. In order to get the 7 to 9 hours recommend for adults, choose a bedtime and stick with it. This will motivate you to finish your nightly tasks and will help you form a routine. If you have trouble sleeping, daily meditation can also help.

At night, turn off all electronics

It's so important to unwind. Turn off electronics 30 minutes before your designated bedtime, recap the day and write down all the thoughts running through your mind. The idea is to simply review the day almost as if you were watching a movie. Don't get caught up in a negative story line, simply watch and see if your life and your intentions were in sync. Avoid self-judgment and stay out of a negative mindset. By doing this, you're metaphorically releasing the day and remembering that tomorrow, you'll try again. 



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