7 Important Signs You Are Using The Wrong Deodorant

Seven important signs its time to change your deodorant
7 important signs you are using the wrong deodorant

As one of the most basic personal hygiene products, deodorants are amongst the most profitable products in the market today. Deodorant is a necessity and it is not surprising that companies continue to formulate deodorants that would fit our differing needs.

However, despite the number of deodorants out in the market today, studies show that a lot of people still face underarm-related issues, which in turn affect their self-esteem. The problem roots from the fact that men especially quickly choose deodorants out of habits. Instead of exploring on better alternatives, most of them grab a deodorant product without thinking twice, and this adversely affects their overall hygiene.

With something as basic as deodorant, it can be easy to reach for the same formula over and over again without giving the decision much thought. But, if any of these all-too-common problems plague you, it might be time to make a switch—or at least expand your arsenal to more than just one do-everything stick.

1. You always get sweat stains at the worst possible moment 
Bottom line: It might be time to ditch deodorant for a powerful antiperspirant. Men often think that deodorant and antiperspirant are the same products with different looks— white vs. clear”. In reality, they have very different functions. Antiperspirants often use aluminum-based ingredients to block sweat, while deodorants are designed to provide odour protection.

2. Your shirts need to be washed every time you wear them
If you can’t make it through the day without sweating and stinking up your shirt to the point of no return, there's something wrong. We recommend seeking out an antiperspirant that boasts 48-hour protection. Secondly, keep a stick in your desk drawer. A second application midday could be the difference between spending a lot of money on dry cleaning.

3. Underarm Rashes Keep Appearing Due to Deodorant Use

A rash is a clear indicator that the deodorant contains ingredients not suited to one’s skin type. Hence, if a man wakes up to rashes on his armpits, he needs to switch to a friendlier deodorant. Skin irritation occurs because most commercially-bought antiperspirants and deodorants are made up of aluminium salts, propylene glycol and other ingredients that are irritating to the skin. To avoid this, buying fragrance-free or all-natural deodorants is advisable since these products are made up of mild and highly efficient ingredients.

4. Body Odor is Still Persistent

In contrary to antiperspirants, deodorants work mainly to neutralise odour so sweat and toxins can still be released by the body. If despite the consistent use of a deodorant product, one’s body odour is still persistent, it is definitely a sign that the deodorant is not enough to neutralise the odour emitted by the body. In this case, men should change their choice of deodorant so they can remain odor-free for the rest of the day.

Now, most people might think that switching to an antiperspirant is more convenient than looking for an efficient deodorant, but health-conscious individuals know better. Since antiperspirants contain aluminium to block the secretion of sweat, toxins remain trapped inside the body, making users vulnerable to medical conditions. While studies are yet to confirm the link between antiperspirant use and Alzheimer’s disease, it is clinically known that aluminium predisposes an individual to this condition. In addition to that, many antiperspirant products contain paraben—an ingredient associated with hormonal imbalance.

5. Frequent Deodorant Re-Application

Most men who have an active lifestyle re-apply deodorant twice a day—once in the morning and in the afternoon. However, if re-applying deodorant during midday isn’t enough to avoid body odour, men need to greatly consider switching to a deodorant product that can keep up with their active lifestyle. This is mainly because each deodorant product is formulated for a man’s specific needs. While some men are more active than others, there are deodorants that have a stronger neutralising component as compared to other brands. By exploring on a variety of products, men can find the deodorant that could easily meet their daily demands.

6. Burning Sensation after Application

Just like facial products, deodorants need to be mild on the skin. Nonetheless, a lot of men are unaware of that fact that the skin on their underarm is very delicate. Aside from having more sweat glands and hair on the area, the thin layer of skin is also folded, making it more prone to irritation. As a result, skin reaction can be very prominent in the area.

The problem is that men see clinical signs like red bumps and burning sensation on the skin as a natural part of the deodorant application. This shouldn’t be the case since they should use products that work with their skin, not against it. If burning sensation continuously persists after application, men need to replace their product with milder formulas that contain low-to-nil irritants. For instance, organic deodorants are better since they contain ingredients that are proficient at providing the skin optimal care while neutralising body odour.

7. The Deodorant Stick is Old

Men who love saving a dozen of deodorant sticks on their cabinet should really think twice about whether or not their 3-year-old sticks should still have a place in their morning routine. Just like beauty and personal hygiene products, the potency of a deodorant can fade out over time. According to experts, after about 3 years, the formula of a deodorant can be inefficient in terms of neutralising body odour. What’s even worse is that it can smell funky after being stocked in a man’s grooming closet, making it a necessity for consumers to avoid stocking on their deodorants.

Finding the right deodorant can be really challenging, especially since there are so many products that consumers could choose from. However, spending a few minutes to read the labels can save men from the agony of buying a product that doesn’t work. Aside from looking for milder formulas that can do a great job in protecting the body against foul odour, men should also place importance on finding a product that can help them become holistically healthy inside and out. By doing so, not only problems with unwanted odour are kept at bay but potential health threats in the future as well.

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