7 Tricks To Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Seven tricks to help you find the perfect pair of jeans
7 tricks to finding the perfect pair of jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can definitely be a struggle. but with these 7 tips, I learnt from Lauren Messiah, you are sure going to find it easier to find the perfect jeans for you. 

1. Try and try again

Think of shopping for the perfect jeans as you would, say, shopping for a husband. You wouldn’t go on one date with one guy and then take a stroll down the isle, now would you? Of course, you wouldn’t. The perfect pair needs some time and nurturing. Make a day of it. Go to your favourite department store and try on every brand they offer until you find a brand that suits you.

2. Do the sit test

And the walk test, and the stretch test, and the bend over test … Get what I’m saying? Don’t be afraid to do gymnastics in your dressing room if you have to. You have to be able to move in your jeans. You’ll never wear them if you can’t. Trust me, I have more than a few pairs that look great but I walk like the Tin Man in them. Not cute

3. Do the fit test

Listen to me and listen to me good … Never buy your jeans too big! They will only get bigger throughout the day. Buy jeans that are almost too tight – almost. Jeans should zip up and button easily but they should also be snug against your waist. If the zipper is slightly open at the top, if you are getting muffin top, or if you could double as a plumber when you bend down … your jeans are too small.

4. Mind your materials

These days almost all jeans have some sort of stretch in them. If they don’t, walk away. There is no reason to wear stiff and uncomfortable jeans. However, when it comes to stretch jeans you don’t want too much stretch. Jeans with too much stretch jeans have a hard time bouncing back. They require washing and drying after every wear to get their shape back. Over washing will turn your jeans into the trash in no time.

5. Stick with the classics

Crazy embellished jeans can be cool and stylish but they technically aren’t “perfect”. The perfect pair should be something classic and wearable like black, a solid shade of blue (no whiskers or crap like that), white, and even grey.

6. Buy multiples

Once you find the perfect pair (and it’s proven itself to be perfect) go out and buy a second pair. Tha

7. Stay loyal

Once you find a brand that works, stay loyal to them.  Love your denim brand and they will love you back.

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