8 Bra Hacks And Tips You Must Know

Bra hacks and tips you need to know
8 bra hacks and tips you must know
bra hacks and tips

Girls are made for bra, bras are made for girls. You wear them all your life (Puberty till death do you part). Few ladies still know how to make their bras work for them. Many times all they look out for while buying the bra is comfort. Since you are going to be wearing a bra all your life, you need to know as much as you can about bras, bra hacks and tips.

These basic bra hacks and tips would help you transform the way you wear, wash, keep and handle your everyday bra.

  • Bra and Paperclip

For most girls who avoid wearing tank tops or racer-back tops because of their bra strap here’s a bra hack just for you. You don’t have to own a racer bra to rock your top like a badass.

What to do:

  1. Wear your basic bra and attach the strap with a paper clip. sounds silly but the Bra hack works wonders. You can also use this hack to avoid you bra strap from peeking out of your sleeveless top/dress.

Watch video to learn how it’s done


  1. Not everyone likes Do-It-Yourself versions, you can also order bra strap clips online (Amazon, Ali express or eBay). They come in various colours and are cheap.

bra strap clip -yannme.com

  • Bra Extensions

Your bra can be getting tight for you and the cup size is just perfect. Buy and attach a bra extension to add more width to your bra band.

What to do: The perfect bra hack/tip for tight bra but perfect cup fit is attach bra extensions.

bra extensions -yannme.com

  • Hang your bra

Rather than fold your bra into a drawer, you should try hanging it. Hang your bra side by side on a single hanger to save space and avoid your bra from losing its shape.

For girls on the run, maintain your bra shape and save it from flattening or crushing, buy a bra case. Try to always store your bra in the case whenever you are travelling. You can order your bra case online (Amazon) or buy it in store.

What to do: Attach hangers vertically, in a linear fashion, to show off your beautiful bras from top to bottom.

bra hanger -yannme.com

  • Avoid Machine Wash

Delicates should never be washed in the machine. This bra tip would help you keep your bra extra clean and avoid it from being crushed in the machine.

What to do: Hand wash your bra and other delicates with Mild detergent. If you have to machine wash you bra then use a bra washing case to avoid tangling and deforming.


  • Have one of the various types of bra

Every woman should have at least one of the six major types of bra: the balconette bra, multi-way bra, t-shirt bra, soft cup bra, bralette, and the plunge bra.

Balconette Bra

balconette bra -yannme.com

Multi-way or convertible Bra

convertible bra -yannme.com

Soft cup Bra:

soft cup bfra -yannme.com


soft cup bra -yannme.com


bralette -yannme.com

Plunge Bra

plunge bra -yannme.com

  • More cleavage

At times you are not just satisfied with the lift your push up provides. You can add extra lift by using some bra inserts known as cookies. Cookies are worn as stick-on to the boobs. These eye-shaped pads come in standard foam material which is lighter, as well as in gel format that mimics the weight and feel of real breasts. You can also insert them into bikini/swimsuit cups for enhanced cleavage.

cookie bra insert -yannme.com

  • GO Braless

 You’ve got nice looking boobs and don’t want the stress attached to wear a bra daily then flaunt it. Go Braless, follow Kendall Jenner’s braless trend and save the boob.

Don't say you don't know. try these bra hacks and tips. Have fun rocking your bra like a badass.