9 Reasons You Need A Work Spouse

Nine reasons you need a work wife or husband
9 reasons you need a work spouse

We all need a work spouse no matter how happy we are at our jobs. I don't mean someone you'll be cheating on your real spouse with (well just a little). I am talking about a best friend at work. No matter how happy you are with your job, everyone needs a best friend in the office to get them through long hours, tight deadlines and the occasional work drama. A lot of people rely on a work spouse, which is the co-worker you're closest with and actually enjoy being around. This is not a s3xual relationship, but actually the opposite.This person simply makes the job and the work more pleasant, and makes your day a little brighter. If you never thought to have a work spouse before, these reasons are sure to change your mind.

1. Laughing improves productivity 

Breaking up your workday with big smiles and candid laughter will help ease your stress and improve your productivity. Someone who has a similar outlook will help you stay focused and happy, so you never feel too burnt out to work hard. A work spouse can make you laugh while knowing how to read your thoughts and emotions. They often make situations that would be otherwise unbearable, much more tolerable.

2. You need trust in the workplace 

No matter what your profession is, knowing there is someone in your corner who you can wholeheartedly depend on is a must for feeling secure. "It's important to have a confidant and someone you can trust at work.  Everyone should have someone they can tell anything to without fear that it will be repeated.

3. You'll be more creative at work 

A big part of performing your best at work is feeling free to be creative. A work wife or husband is there to bounce ideas off of and isn't afraid to be honest with you when it comes to feedback or constructive criticism. They allow you to explore out loud without worry of being embarrassed. You feel free to brainstorm with your work spouse, and the work takes on a certain excitement. You trust, depend on, and rely on them to balance the workload between the two of you, as well as following through on their responsibilities.

4. You can be more yourself

Picture this: You go to work every day and never feel like you can fully be who you are because no one there will accept you for your successes and your downfalls. Sounds pretty demoralising, right? That's why having a work spouse who can read your moods—and knows what to say to ease them—makes work a more enjoyable place to be. Just being that understood by someone or having someone who can give you what you need at the moment, such as a much-needed laugh, can have a very important impact on your contentment at your job.

5. You'll have a safe place to vent 

Did your boss give you another seemingly impossible-to-meet deadline? When you need to air your grievances or simply vent, a work spouse is the perfect sounding board. Your work spouse allows you to talk about work issues that you need to get off your chest and allows you to leave them at work, instead of taking them home with you. This can be essential for your relationship with your real spouse, as it opens the room to focus on your relationship, instead of what is bugging you at work.

6. Lunch will be fun

Even though most of us (sadly) eat lunch at their desks instead of in a cafeteria, having a work spouse makes it much more likely that you take a break to chat and chew. He or she knows what to get you for breakfast, lunch, and coffee breaks and knows if you are gluten-free or how many sugars you want in your coffee.

7. They always have your back 

We all have days (and weeks, even) when we feel below the line. We're not performing our best or simply feel distracted by outside factors. In these cases, a work spouse can step in and pick up the slack for you, and even be your alibi to your boss. It creates a safe envirohttps://yannme.com/post-postnment where you know you can depend upon your work spouse to not only encourage you and support you but also cover for you when you're under the weather or need a little more help. Need to take an extra-long lunch? Your work spouse won't tell. Need a buddy for the afternoon coffee trip? Your work spouse accompanies you. You can be honest with them when you need to reboot...without consequences.

8. You work amazingly together 

Two is better than one in many cases, and a work spouse relationship is no different. Being on the same team as your work spouse will mean your projects and your work ethic is double-as-awesome because you can depend on each other. You feel supported and able to complete the project at hand, rather than feeling overwhelmed and anxious about it. Your work spouse knows exactly what you're going through because he or she knows the co-workers, bosses, and projects you're dealing with.

9. You don't have to compete

When you're with your work spouse, you're not in competition mode; you're in a supportive mode.You know you've found your work spouse when you have a sense of harmony, compatibility, and respect for each other's ideas. Instead of competing with one another, you pool your resources to make the projects bigger and better. In sharing your ideas, you find that the creative process enables both of you to come up with ideas/concepts that neither of you may have thought of individually. There's a sense of accomplishment that comes from being a team, and you may be even more productive.


But don't forget you still will have to set boundaries with your work spouse. Especially when it's the opposite s3x

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