4 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Four tips on how to be more productive at work
four ways to increase your productivity at work

It’s just 10 AM and you’re already falling asleep at your desk. Even after drinking a gallon of coffe, your body is sinking faster than the Titanic. What’s going on? Your lack of productivity could be related to your mental health. Having a busy schedule can often mean less quality sleep, not taking time out to relax and turning to cofee and sugar to keep you going. The result? Low energy, foggy thoughts, and feeling demotivated, also known as brain fog. This phenomenon is so common, that we feel it’s necessary to give you a few top ways to increase productivity.

If you’ve ever felt that your focus, attention to detail and problem-solving skills haven’t been up to scratch, or you just can’t remember why you walked into a room, you’ve probably had brain fog. Here are a four ways you can increase ypour productivity at work.

1. Diet


While the occasional treat probably won’t do you much harm, you should definitely pay attention to how much sugary food you’re having.  One of the biggest culprits of brain fog is inflammmation, usually caused by a high sugar and trans fat diet. Inflammation can manifest itself as moodiness, having low energy and being easily distracted.

Solution:  Add more nutrient dense foods to your meals to lower your inflammation and support brain fuction. Foods that can improve concentration and even make you happier  include fruit, sweet potato, yams, ancient grains and raw dairy.

2. Stress


The dreaded S-word. We all have moments at work that can bring us a lot of stress. However, failure to manage your stress long term leads to a high amount of cortisol in your body, giving you that ‘wired but tired’ feeling, pesky sugar cravings and insomnia. Stress makes it harder for you to crush your work goals.

Solution: Spend some time doing something you love. Remember that hobby you had? Pick it up again. Haven’t seen your friends in a while? Arrange to catch up with them. Taking some time off can help you get more done when you're back in the office.

3. Sleep


Probably the most obvious cause of brain fog is not getting enough quality sleep. Even if you make more conscious decisions on what you eat and how you handle stress, a bad night’s sleep can throw everything off. Sleep is critical for your mental and physical health. If you lack quality sleep you will be more forgetful and moody.

Solution: Unless you are lucky enough to take naps at work, assess your current night routine. Is there anything you can avoid that makes it harder for you to sleep through the night? You should avoid heavy meals and alcohol close to bedtime and creating a night routine that helps you wind down.

4. Dehydration


Did you know that your brain is about 90% water? 90%! That’s a lot. It comes as no surprise that you have to stay hydrated for your brain to perform at its best. Lack of water can have harmful effects on your memory, capability to make decisions andmood.

Solution: You should reduce your caffeine intake to avoid dehydration. You could make drinking more water easier by using a reusable 1 liter water bottle to track the amounts you’re drinking. If you are constantly on the move, simply substitute extra coffees or sugary drinks for water whenever you can. Increasing your water intake can improve your work performance and help you get more done. Who doesn’t want that?

Our everyday habits can impact our productivity levels. Sometimes you need to pause, reflect on your daily routine and then make some changes you and your career will be thankful for.

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