How To Be A Well-Groomed Man

Tips on how to be a well-groomed man
how to be a well groomed man
how to be a well groomed man

Keith Cunnngham, a seasoned entrepreneur once said, “Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results’. These words extend far beyond the business world into our daily lives. You need to start doing the things that you once deemed as trivial or minute because those minutes things goes an extra mile in becoming a well groomed man.

Becoming a well groomed man is something you can’t achieve in a day. It takes observing the following on how to be well-groomed man and more.

Cleanse and moisturise daily (Preferably twice)

If there was ever a non-negotiable rule for skincare, this would be it (the full version would actually read “cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily” but we didn’t want to overwhelm you). Be sure to tend to your skin first thing in the morning and at the end of the day after it has been exposed to the elements. To be a well-groomed man you have to learn to cleanse and moisturize because it’s vital.

Seek out a signature scent

In an ideal world, you will become synonymous with a single scent – something unique that will instantly remind others of how you make them feel. Avoid the commercial concoctions that line department store shelves and go in search of the cult classics or niche brands that are less well-known. The endless testing will pay off when you find your true nom de perfume. Just don’t asphyxiate everyone with it. Keep it simple and don’t over spray it.

Manage your facial hair

Attractive beards don’t just happen by accident. Even though your follicles have been left to their own devices, that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from a regular tidy. Give your beard and moustache a trim. Invest in a hardwearing trimmer like the Braun Beard Trimmer. This beard trimmer has 25 different length settings and will allow you to contour your style with precision. Basically, just find the trimmer that works with your budget and has settings that suit your desired facial hair result. If you have a voluminous chin-strap, you might also want to think about conditioning it with Beard oil.

Tame your feet

Its next to no use making sure that your face is well groomed when you still have hooves for feet or discoloured talons for nails. These are the details your bed partner will notice (as will everyone in the street if you’re flagrantly airing your feet in sandals this summer). In summary, tend to corns and overgrown nails at home or, better yet, employ a professional to give you a pedicure with a professional touch and tools that you surely don’t have at home. Let them use those industrialised hands tools to do magic on your feet.
Groom in your sleep

Granted, your looks aren’t exactly a top priority when you’re sleeping but, as you snooze, your skin is considerably more receptive to reparative or “active” ingredients. This is largely because your body isn’t busy fighting off environmental aggressors during the small hours and will default into repair mode.

Once you’ve cleansed in the evening, slather on a targeted treatment like Lab Series’ Night Recovery Lotion or Perricone MD’s Concentrated Restorative Treatment and wake up looking fresher and well rested.

Sunscreen is not just for sunny days

Most guys only crack open a bottle of sunscreen when they hit the beach. But the fact is, we’re exposed to UV rays all the time. And there is no quicker way to speed up the passage of time than by leaving your skin unprotected. Start thinking about sunscreen as an anti-ageing product rather than seasonal protection. A minimum application of SPF 15 every day will be far more effective than any age reversal concoction on the market.

Learn how to shave properly

It’s a sorry state of affairs when a grown man can’t shave his own beard correctly. Most guys learn to shave through trial and error and inevitably pick up bad habits (shaving against the grain, using too much resistance) or do their skin unnecessary damage. Get a wet shave from a barber every once in a while and pick up some personalised tips along the way. This means asking questions, which they will be happy to answer. Larger cities may have barbershops with shaving schools.

I can never forget your barber, he is one of the key players in your well groomed look. ensure to pay regular vists to your barber. Don't carry your head around like a forest.