How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Tips and tricks on how to clean your makeup brushes
how to clean your makeup brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Anyone? If you're like me, you're probably cringing right now as you rack your brain for any memory of cleaning those brushes. Wait, they need to be cleaned? Well, don't worry. You're not alone.

Regular sanitation will keep your makeup brushes soft and free of unwanted build up, bacteria, and gunk. Clean brushes have a higher product pick-up rate than those saturated with leftover product, even if the brushes do not appear dirty. Particles can be trapped between the hairs."

Ready to join the smart ones cleaning their brushes? Here are a few cleaning tips to get you started.

How often should you wash your brush?

Turns out we should be quickly cleaning our makeup brushes after every use. I know, I'm not exactly at the every year mark, let alone every use. This can be a quick spray clean. Try spraying an alcohol-based solution on your brushes daily to avoid dirt and bacteria build-up. Then go for a deeper clean every two to three weeks.

Stick to a schedule 

Because it's so hard for most of us to remember to clean our brushes, try sticking with the first of the month or setting an alarm on your phone. Aim for everyone to three weeks for a deep clean. A deep clean can mean anything from a rinse with baby shampoo to an olive oil soak. The longer you go between cleanings, the more gunk and bacteria you'll need to remove.

I would recommend that you wash your foundation brush at least once a week. When it comes to brushes you use around the eye area, wash them at least two or three times a month.The most important thing is to set a schedule that you'll actually remember!

Go for a spray cleaner 

For your daily cleanings, we recommends a cleaner in spray form to cleanse your brushes. Just mist and then wipe on a towel until no more product is visible. Not only does this method thoroughly clean your brushes, but it's easy to do in seconds. If you haven't cleaned your brushes in a while (or ever), you could start by loosening any dirt or stuck-on makeup in the brush with a spare soft bristle toothbrush. Then just spray, wipe, and head out the door.

Wash them by hand 

Once you're spraying down your makeup brushes every day, you'll still want to deep clean them once or twice per month. You can cleanyour makeup brushes by hand every two to three weeks. First, dab your brushes with water and a drop of gentle face cleanser or baby shampoo. Massage the bristles with your hands, and allow the brushes to dry overnight. Make sure you are laying the brush on its side rather than placing them upright in a cup to dry overnight. This will ensure that you don't loosen the glue on the ferule of the brush and lose the brush hairs. We want to make sure that we're lengthening the lifespan of our brushes by washing them, not making the bristles or handles weaker.

Dish washer

Regular dish soap can do the trick as well. If it's been a while since their last cleaning or your brushes are just looking especially gunky, try massaging them with water and a little detergent. Regular dish-washing detergent is great at breaking down oils and removing all of the makeup and bacteria. This technique is especially helpful for concealer and lipstick brushes, since these brushes tend to hang on to that cakey makeup buildup faster.

Wipe it off

Another reason that regular cleanings are so important is because of how the makeup looks on your face. If your eyeshadow brushes still have last night's black eyeshadow on them, that's going to blend with your lighter daytime color next time you use it.


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