How To Deal With Stupid People Politely

Tips on how to survive when dealing with stupid people
how to deal with stupid people politely
how to deal with stupid people politely

Life is incomplete without stupid people. Stupid people are like suicide bombers. There’s no good excuse to hang around them. They are everywhere, at home, work, church, mosques, hospitals, like seriously, they are everywhere. They are all around you and you just have to interact with them. They could be your boss, your minister, your spouse, or that dude in your car pool. Stupidity has no boundaries, if you are not careful you might just catch the virus.

Whatever you do, whatever you aspire to be and wherever you want to be someday. You need to master the art of dealing with stupid people. To deal with them you first have to be good at spotting them. There aren’t wearing “I’m here to wreck your dream” stickers. They come disguised, so it can be hard to spot them. Until they open up their mouth and talk to you. Here’s what they say:

  • That’ll never work…
  • Bless your heart…
  • I am only saying this because I care…
  • Yes, BUT….
  • Be reasonable…
  • I’ve seen this before…
  • You stole my idea…
  • We’ll see how long that lasts…

Sound familiar?

That’s because these phrases are the patented trade secrets of the League of Stupid People. It is extremely difficult to deal with dummies. So I decided to write on how to deal with stupid people politely. Check this list and share thoughts.

Maybe they think you are the stupid one

This sounds crazy I must admit. But the fact remains that you don’t know a people’s sincere thoughts about you. They might probably be thinking you are the stupid one. Take a chill and ask yourself this question;

What if the people that you thought are being stupid actually think you are the stupid one?

It’s true! This happens more than you think, and it all has to do with our mindset and how we perceive someone’s intelligence, humour, personality, and the like. They might think you are stupid for doing something, while you think they are stupid for not doing said thing. This one is kind of like “walking in their shoes”. You both might just be having the same thoughts about each other being stupid.

What To Do: Just accept that stupid or not people have the rights to their opinion, then IGNORE THEM.

Be Honest With Them

They probably also caught the stupidity virus from someone else. Do them a huge favour by being honest with them. Talk to them about your thoughts on how stupid they really are. Maybe calling them stupid or dumb isn’t a good thing, but let them know in a nice and gentle way that they are bothering you (that is, if you want to keep the relationship).

Often times people will consider what you said, notice that they may have been acting a bit… stupid, and will probably stop. If they don’t stop being stupid..............Avoid them.

What To Do: Talk to them or Avoid them

Ignore it (Or at least pretend ignore)

If the person is intentionally annoying you or just being, ignoring their stupidity will end the fueling it. The person would most likely keep up the. Sometimes people think it’s funny to act silly, joke excessively, or just plain act stupid. Of course this is fine and dandy sometimes, but not when the other side isn’t feeling it.

By ignoring someone you’ll show them you really aren’t interested in what they are up too and they’ll probably think you are boring and will most definitely back off.

Act Stupid

Two can play the game. When you can’t fight it, why not join it? Get a drink (preferably one of high alcohol content), sit down, and be idiotic with them! Who knows, you might even start annoying them and then they’ll be the ones who need to read this article!

Tip: Stupid is as Stupid Does. Basically, stupidity is something within someone, as-in it is a vital part of them. Not to say they were born this way, but just how they portray themselves and their current mindset makes them act stupidly, idiotically, or however you wish to perceive it. Imbibe the culture of stupidity to help you act your part well.

What To Do: Act Stupid or Act Matured

Accept Them For Them

You may never know but the probably hold a degree in stupidity. Some people are just too dumb. Just accept them for them. Accept their stupidity and live with it. This will only be possible if you really care about them and still appreciate their presence (even if you find their stupidity annoying).

 Realizing that not everyone has the same luck as you do; with environment while being raised or even physical complications, will bring a new light into your life of acceptance.

What To Do: Accept who they are, find a way to come to terms with their annoying tenancies, and move on and grow your relationship.

Seek Their Inner Intellect

Everyone have brains, dumb people just don’t use their own. You can deal with your stupid friend politely by helping them find the intellect within them. Seek for that part of them that is hidden and unravel their intellect. Bet this would do you both good. Most people you see as dumb are probably a lot smarter than you think. Some people joke around a lot more, thus it might come off as them being dumb. Studies reveal that smart people play the joker when they meet new people so as to help them understand you.

 What To Do: Try to seek out their intelligence by offering up an intelligent conversation about something the both of you would enjoy.


Truth Be Told, you might just be the stupid one. You probably have not noticed yet, but you might just be that stupid person that sees others as stupid. Some people (if not most) might think someone is very capable of a lot of things, while you on the other hand think the opposite.

Okay, I know this one might get to but don’t let it! It just goes back to the point that everyone is different, even you. Realizing that you might perceive someone’s actions in a totally different way than others is normal, but it may be getting in the way of your thoughts about dealing with stupid people.