How To Make Ewa Agoyin

Step by step tutorial on how to make ewa agoyin
how to make ewa agoyin

If you ask my family and friends one food you can use to bribe me, you'll likely hear Ewa Agoyin and soft Agege bread. My love for Agoyin beans started when I was still in primary school. A woman sold Agoyin beans close to my mum's shop and she always gave me some when I came around. My love for it prompted my mum to learn how to make it so I'll be able to also have some at home. 

My aunt recently made Agoyin beans for me, because she was trying to bribe me so I'll do some things for her, and it brought back a lot of memories. This prompted me to share with you, my recipe for making Agoyin beans. 

"Ewa" means Beans in yoruba language while "Agoyin" is a term used to describe people from neighboring countries such as Benin republic "Cotonu" and Togo, who came into Nigeria to settle as far back as in the sixties hence the name Ewa Agoyin which simply means "Beans of the agoyin people". it's not uncommon to find "Agoyin" women carrying their iron pots on their heads hawking "Ewa Agoyin" on the streets of Lagos where they are mostly found. They made beans and sauce so sweet, that even those who don't eat out are unusually drawn to the dish after a taste.

Ewa agoyin is simply Mashed beans with palmoil based pepper sauce. The sauce (which is the "Koko"of the dish) is basically prepared with blended dry pepper, onion and palmoil and the combination of these results in a tasty sauce with a spicy, earthy taste. 


• Black eyed beans

• Small dry chili pepper

• Palmoil

• Ginger (just a little)

• Onion
• Salt to taste



Step 1

To prepare the beans, remove the chaff, rinse and cook the beans till it gets very soft before adding salt at the final stage of the cooking. Once it's soft mash it up in a pot with a wooden spoon.

Step 2

Soak the dry pepper for few hours or overnight till it regains moisture then blend it with a little ginger.


Step 3

Slice the onion (you can also blend the onion with the pepper and ginger if you don't like seeing chunks of it in your food) and set aside


Step 4

Heat up the palm oil till it loosens up a little and gets very hot (Do not bleach)


Step 5

Gently add the onions, stir and leave to fry for some time till it burns a little and gets dark.


Step 6

Pour your pepper blend into the hot oil, add salt and leave to fry for a while till the oil separates from the ground pepper and it has a sandy grainy like feel.

Dish out the beans and pour the sauce over the top of it. Serve with Boiled yam, fried plantain, Garri or better still Agege bread.


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