How To Make Your Ex Regret Dumping You

Healthy tips to help you move on and make him regret dumping you
how to make your ex regret dumping you
how to make your ex regret dumping you

How to make your ex regret dumping you? How do I make her miss me? How can I make him Jealous that I’ve moved on? How do I make her regret dumping me?

 Yes, it’s a fact that you both have gone your separate ways. Something in you just wants your ex to feel that he/she has lost something special – and that’s you. You are still wondering how to make him/ her jealous that you have moved on. Here a few tips you can apply on how to make your ex your regret dumping you.

  • Focus On You

He won’t regret dumping you if you are busy seeking rebound relationship. But, he would regret dumping you if he sees you are better than he left you. You have to focus on yourself. You need to reinvent yourself. Make yourself worthy of a chase. Take time to becoming better than you were before you got dumped. Get back in shape, it’s either you add more weight or you lose the extra calories. Empower yourself by picking up a new skill (dancing, pottery, et al). Be you, Focus on you!

  • Be the person your relationship did not allow you to be

There are situations where your ex won’t allow you do something’s that you love to do for reasons best known to him. He probably didn‘t want you to wear that dress because it makes other guys stare at you, you had to tone down your behaviour because your ex took it as you flirting with other guys. You followed these laws faithfully yet he dumped you. You need to make your ex regret dumping you by doing those things that used to make them insecure back when you were a couple.

  • Keep all the friends you have in common

Many a time, people find it difficult to remain within the same circle of friends after they got dumped. You need to make your ex regret he dumped you by sticking to the same circle of friends. Don’t be negative towards your ex, avoid saying ill stuff, and shun communication with him until you are totally over him. Make sure you ignore every news about him. When they bring up new developments about him on the group just act like you ‘didn’t know’ even if you sincerely did. Just make everything about your ex look irrelevant to you.

  • Set him up

If your ex is one of those people that laugh about you missing them after you got dumped then you need to try this. Play a mind game with your ex. Play cool and then try to hook him up with another babe. That’s revenge served cold, your ex won’t be able to get over you freely giving them out to someone else.

If your ex is a guy: When next you both meet at a friend’s party, be sure to walk in as a show stopper. Come along with another guy. No matter how much he is a past story in your relationship he would freak over seeing you with someone else.

  • Make him jealous

For your EX being jealous is he/she passively regretting their decision to dump you. You can easily do this by posting pictures and videos of you partying on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook al. Don’t forget to add a fun caption with it to make him understand that yes you are having fun without him. Any picture of you with an unknown dude drives him crazy try uploading such pictures.


In whatever you do shun any and every conversation with you ex. Set your boundaries and make it clear.