How To Pack Only One Pair of Jeans For The Weekend

Achieve packing light for the weekend by taking just one denim
how to pack only one pair of jeans for the weekend
How to pack only one one jeans for the weekend

The struggle is real and remains the same for all ladies. Packing clothes for a 3-day weekend can be a real hustle. The plan is to pack smart and light. How do you pack outfits that would work for your entire trip without having to miss out on anything? Best advice is to take just a pair of denim with you. This works well, as jeans are very versatilely styled. The question is  How can I  pack only one pair of jeans for the weekend?  Can I pack only one pair of jeans for the weekend?

If your goal is to pack light and smart ensure you pick your favourite bottom, jeans are highly recommended.  It’s very important to pack the most vital perfect pair of jeans in your wardrobe and also convince yourself that it’s the only pair that you need.

Here are a few ideas on weekend outings and how to pack only one pair of jeans for the weekend. Let’s see how it fits into almost every occasion you have during the weekend.

Look one: Couple of work meetings

Regardless of whether its weekend or weekday, work generally calls for something more put together and slightly serious. However work-wear varies based on the work environment you find yourself.

Just one jeans for the weekend? How do I wear it to work?

 Tip: When works calls during the weekend, throw on a blazer, preferably black or grey if you work in a corporate environment.

For the creative girl, add little colour to your outfit and it’s good to go. You can throw on a coloured blazer to add colour and creativity to the entire ensemble

Look Two: Evening party time

Be it a girls night or a little cocktail with boyfriend or family, Jeans are up to the task. Try pairing your Jeans with a top, most definitely one with sparkles. Sparkles are so in this season, it’s highly inspiring girls everyday look.

To achieve this look, try pairing your jeans with a nicely detailed top (sparkles), and a pair of heels. You can easily wear the same pair of heels you used for your work errands that weekend.

Look Three: Game day

This look can works perfectly for a game day. You can pair your denim up to watch a live match or play a few games along with your friends. it's still the same pair of denim you are rocking, but just a totally different look.

To achieve this look, pair your jeans with sneakers, a simple t-shirt and bomber jacket.

Look Four: Casual

This is a win-win look to steal when embarking on your journey. You can also rock this look for sight-seeing during your weekend trip. It’s really basic and stylish. The pair of jeans remains the same but a totally new ensemble.

To achieve this look, pair your jeans with a simple t-shirt or crop top and sandals. Keep the bag simple, the simpler the bag the easier it is to transform your ensemble. A convertible ruse/bag would do your weekend trip good.

So basically all you have to pack for your three weekend trip outfit would be:

  • A Pair of jeans
  • T-Shirt
  • White Shirt
  • Sparkled top
  • Heel
  • Sneakers
  • A convertible purse/bag
  • Blazer
  • Bomber jacket.

All other outfits can stay in your wardrobe except there’s need for it. Just these few items would be required for your trip. Try it and see how it works for you