Men's Talk: 17 Common Fashion Mistakes To Avoid In 2017

17 common fashion mistakes you probably made in 2016
mens talk 17 common fashion mistakes to avoid in 2017

As we are getting close to saying bye bye to 2016, we also should be getting ready to say bye-bye to some fashion trends and mistakes we made in 2016. No one wants to look like a hippo in 2017, so here is a list of mistakes you probably made in 2016, and you should not make in 2017.

1. Wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie 

Unless you work for an eatery – where sleeves get dirty making meals – It’s best not to wear a short sleeve shirt with a tie. They are generally perceived as lower class apparel. If you want to stay looking confident and stylish, stick to long-sleeve shirts when wearing ties.

2. Wrong belt colour 

If you’re wearing corporate shoes, make sure the colour of your belt matches the colour of your shoes (for professional occasions). Also, the finish of the belt and shoes need to match. In other words, if your shoes are shiny, your belt should be shiny as well. If you’re wearing casual shoes or sneakers, make sure you wear a thicker casual belt to match instead of a thin dress belt.

3. Socks and sandals 

This is one throwback to our high school days that we don’t need. Have you seen anyone ever pull this off, and look s3xy? Neither have we.

4. Black shoes go with everything 

Black shoes don't go with everything. For many colours of suits and other outfits, you might think it's safe to opt for black footwear. But you are wrong, black does not go with everything.

If you want a shoe that goes with everything, buy a nice medium brown brogue.

5. Square-toed shoes

Square-toed shoes haven't been acceptable for a while now, and men are urged to stay away from them. They are clunky, awkward, and distracting, with a completely unflattering profile.

Stick with your classic wing tips and Oxfords.

6. Believing that tight clothes will suck everything in

If you're a man over a certain age, the likelihood is that you've got a few wobbly bits starting to appear in unwanted places. The way to tackle this is not to treat your new shirt in the same way that women treat Spanx – you'll end up looking like an un-pricked Richmond sausage. Rather, invest in properly tailored pieces that will make the best of your assets.

7. Buying cheap shoes with plastic soles

Cheap shoes with plastic soles and pointy toes that turn up at the end do not look stylish. They don't even look marginally acceptable. So awful are these shoes that even their ubiquity hasn't diluted their utter ridiculousness. One, they won't last longer than a few weeks before the soles burn through (keep a nostril out for the smell of burning rubber, if you don't feel the crunch of tarmac on your feet first). Two, they make their wearers look like medieval peasants. Or elves. Three, no one will respect you if you wear these shoes. Not even other people that wear them. No one. 

8. Improper tie length

 A man’s tie should always end at the centre of his belt buckle. A simple touch overlooked by many. Having a tie that’s too short or too long, can make a man look incompetent.

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9. Being too “buttoned” up 

If a jacket has two buttons, only fasten the top button. If it has three buttons, you can close the top button only, the middle button only, or both the middle and top button. The key is to always leave the bottom button undone. This is a tradition that has been used for decades and will keep your style looking smart.

10. Wrinkled clothing 

Grown men should always have their clothes pressed and wrinkle free. Unless you’re going for the “I sleep in these clothes” effect, keep all your clothes pressed and wrinkle-free. It’s a good habit to always hang up all your clothes – never throwing them on the floor of your room after use

11. Wearing a backpack with a suit

I always see a lot of professional people wearing nice suits – but carrying backpacks! Okay, a backpack may be easier to carry over your shoulders than a briefcase in your hand, but you can also get a comfortable messenger bag that hangs across your chest to maintain a more professional look.

12. Excess cologne 

 If a woman can smell your cologne only when she’s close, great! She’ll have more reason to stay close. If a woman can smell you from across the room, does she need to come any closer? Depending on the strength of your cologne, use with caution. If your cologne loses it’s scent later in the day, simply reapply. A good rule of thumb is to limit it to two sprays – once on your neck and wrists.

13. Too much jewellery 

All the jewellery a man needs are watches that will match different outfits, and a wedding ring if he’s married. If you’re young and you like necklaces, go for it. But unless you’re a rock star, don’t go around wearing three rings, bracelets, and a bunch of necklaces at the same time. It looks tacky. Try and limit yourself to no more than three pieces of jewellery.

14. Tucking T-shirts in 

Tucking in polo shirts is acceptable, but t-shirts should be kept casual. If your t-shirt is too long then it’s probably too big on you.

15. Mismatching styles 

Don’t wear your sporty sunglasses with a blazer, or a pair of cargo pants with the dress shirt you wear to the office. Keep your outfits coherent and matching in style.

16. Not tucking in dress shirts

If your dress shirt is long enough to cover your butt, it’s meant to be tucked in. The shirt is made longer so that when you sit down, with your shirt under your butt, your shirt doesn’t annoyingly lift out of your pants. If you’re someone who hates tucking in at casual settings, then make sure the dress shirts you wear are tailored shorter to come just above the halfway point of your gluteus maximus.

17. An undershirt is just that – an undershirt 

An undershirt’s purpose is to absorb the sweat, dirt, and body oils that we all inevitably secret, and prevent stains on your dress shirts. The name explains their purpose. It’s not meant to be worn as an actual shirt by itself, so avoid this fashion mistake and call your buddies out on it when you can.

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