Men's Talk: How To Smell Your Best

Five expert tips on how to smell your best
mens talk how to smell your best

Wearing cologne, eau de toilette, a signature scent, or whatever you want to call it is by no means mandatory, but every woman loves when her man smells good. This is a powerful detail every stylish man swears by, so yes you need to smell good. How you look is important, but our scent (good or bad) will leave a more lasting impression. You don't want to be remembered as the guy who smells really bad, do you? 

But finding the right scent or fragrance for you can be a bit overwhelming. So if you are thinking of buying your first fragrance, it is advisable you do your research. The terms for these colognes can even be a bit confusing, so you need information to be able to understand this business.

1. Go with Your Gut, Eyes, and Nose
A fragrance is like wine—it's an emotion, it's a smell, it's a palette, and it's a pleasure. Before asking what is in the thing, just smell it. How do you react?

You can even go toward the bottles that are attractive to you and start trying them little by little. Choose a brand that uses quality raw materials, and then go with your instinct.

2. Explore Smaller Brands

Popular brands spend a lot of money on celebrity-endorsed advertisement in order to market and sell their perfumes. This is definitely going to make those popular brands more expensive. You should explore smaller brands especially when you can't afford the popular luxury brands. Get a perfumer that works with natural products. It could be a brand that is not a designer brand, a brand that doesn't sell clothes or bags, they specialise in one thing and creating that one thing at the highest quality. Do not be distracted by the brand or the name behind it, smaller brands also make quality stuff. 

3. Test It on Your Skin 

If 40 men put on the same cologne, it will produce 40 different odours. The odours may be similar, but they are definitely different. 

Your skin chemistry interacts with that of your cologne and changes the scent from what it smells like straight out of the bottle. So you have to test it on your skin. Ask for a take-home sample if possible.

4. Take Someone Scent Shopping with You 

If you have no idea on what to get when you are going scent shopping, I'll advise you take a woman along. This does not mean men know nothing about fragrance, just that when it comes to men's fragrances, a woman's opinion is obligatory. Because your fragrance is a seduction tool, it's a way to connect with another. You need her to smell it on you. You can also go fragrance shopping with a man, but make sure he knows one or two things about men's cologne.

If You Really Like the Smell or Taste of Something, Work It into Your Cologne
If you eat a lot of spicy food, go for something more complex and something pretty strong. People who eat very spicy foods have weaker senses of smell and taste. In a way, they need a complement to what they eat. Something that is itself rather spicy.

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