Things Smart People Do

Healthy tips to help you achieve optimum results.
things smart people do

The human mind is easily distracted by time wasters, learning effectively requires a lot of focus. You have to understand that to focus does not mean to just dwell in one thing; it also includes creatively deleting or ignoring irrelevant factors as they arise. Smart people are highly effective people. They are usually successful in whatever they put their hearts to. Interestingly, people easily notice what smart people are not doing. However, it’s advisable to focus on them, and learn the things smart people do that makes them successful.

Here are some tips on how to stay open minded and strengthen your capacity for knowledge. Let’s begin with this list of things smart people do;

  • Poker Face

Sometimes, smart people act like jokers just to know the mental capacity of the people they are dealing with. They display their poker face just to understand the other person’s perception of what the truth really is.

They usually do this, to understand and interpret the people they are doing business with or forming long-term relationship with. This seems to be the most effective way to sound like they know what they are talking about, without having to jam their peers head with information too large for them to comprehend.

  • Save Resources

One of the things smart people do is to save their resources. Resources like time, finance and energy are quite precious to a smart person; they would never invest it into where they can’t yield maximum results. They don’t go about doing everything. They go about doing only the things they can optimise maximum results from.

Smart individuals are result oriented. They conserve their energy so they can use it for more productive purposes. Go ahead and learn how to fully realize the things you are already paying for or have at your disposal – that’s what being smart is all about.

  • Exploit other people

There are a lot of stupid people out there, smart people find such persons and properly exploit them to further themselves. Smart people have come to an agreement with them self that they can’t do everything by their self. So they easily take advantage of other people (who are mostly stupid or too distracted to focus on their own goals) to achieve their purpose. Smart people utilise your potential and you get next to nothing in return for the favour.

  • Act based on curiosity

Smart people act on the questions their brain immediately asks them when they are presented with an object or situation. They are genuinely interested in the size, colour, shape and meaning of everything around them. If something that catches your attention seems particularly perplexing, write it down and do some research regarding its properties and foundation. There’s a high chance that whatever you need to know someone else has written or probably done a tutorial about it on the World Wide Web.

  • They don’t make redundant enemies

Regardless of where you find yourself, you would surely encounter enemies, competition, nemesis or whatever word you choose to refer to them. These people are not harmful in nature. Your mindset, thinking, ideologies just don’t correlate. The problem is you can never assume what this people would be like when you have issues, they also perceive you in the same manner. This perception both parties have about each other leads to unnerving animosity. Due to this, there’s already an existing minor paranoia between such persons. So it’s much better to avoid whatever can lead to incite redundant conflicts with such persons.

Getting into an argument with such perceived enemies is of no use. It is better to just nod to their argument, tell them you don’t agree with their opinion and shut up. Smart people understand that is necessary to define our enemies, the enemies created by our circumstances and those other enemies created by our action.

  • Understand the concept of time

Smart people don’t give room for distractions or mental unrest to waste their time while trying to figure something out. Quite unlike other people who push their dreams aside while trying to stay on track, smart people understand that time is running at a fast pace. They recognize the thoughts and people required for them to accomplish their goals.

Smart people have a good understanding of how an average individuals mind and attention runs in several pointless directions everyday and these distractions only has a negative influence on their purpose. Smart people dwell on what’s important and ignore the silly things that waste your time.

  • Base opinion on facts

Truly intelligent people are moved by statistics and other facts. They base their opinions about various issues on fact not just argue about what they think it should have been. As much as smart people value consensus, they are never afraid to think for themselves.

  • Focus on the message not the messenger

It’s easy to put off our learning experience just because of the person delivering the material. Smart people are open minded, the overlook the flaws in the speaker and listen attentively to the details being communicated.

They appreciate the value of other people’s opinions and do not let their opinion about a certain person hinder their ability to be taught something provoking or amusing at the least. Smart people want every sort of interaction to be a learning experience, which is why they focus on the topic being discussed and its relationship with the entire outside world, not just with the person they are discussing it with.