Work Outfit Ideas: How To Incorporate Ankara Into Your Work Wear

20 ideas on how to incorporate ankara into your work wear
work outfit ideas how to incorporate ankara into your work wear

African print shouldn't only be worn for weddings and formal events, you can also incorporate it in your work wear.Making an Ankara look corporate might be a little tricky stunt to pull, but that's why we're here. You should remember that however, you decide to wear Ankara, keep your ensemble very clean and minimal to avoid any conflict that'll definitely not be office friendly!

You can incorporate Ankara in the following ways 

Laptop bag

If you aren’t keen on adding too much of a traditional feel to your outfit, opt for an accessory that doesn’t have to be on you all the time. The perfect option is an African-print laptop bag – it’s slick, slim and stylish

Bow tie and tie

If you aren’t afraid to experiment – but at the same time are cautious of looking too outlandish – then invest in a series of African-inspired ties and bow ties. If you thought ties were boring, this option is sure to make you reconsider.


It’s always great to come across something you would never have imagined could work, yet makes perfect style sense when you give it half a chance. This is how we feel about these African-print shoes designed by Maria McCloy. Give your look some oomph and up your “transport game” with these shoes.

You can also match it up like these:

1.Depending on how you feel, you can go for a dirndl Ankara skirt with a white buttoned up and pumps to go or a pencil Ankara skirt and a buttoned up with equally nice pumps.

2. Go basic with an all black ensemble; black pencil skirt, black blouse and a nicely tailored Ankara blazer, will give you all the fashion edge you need.

Feeling a bit confused? hope these images makes it better for you.

Source of images: Pinterest

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